Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pattern Review - Lola Dress Victory patterns

I have been sewing again... and quite a lot.

After having baby M I was keen to sew up all the baby clothes but after reading everyone blogs of there Me-Made-May creations I decided that I really needed to start sewing for myself... totally selfish I know.
Returning to work and the onset of winter has inspired my wardrobe funny how last year whilst pregnant I didn't feel the cold too much

After seeing Nikki-Shelll's version & Leisl version of the Lola I thought it would be perfect, we are off to the Hunter Valley in 3 weeks and its going to be cold up there.

I will make this pattern again - possibly lengthen the sleeves so they are more 3/4 or full length.
This would also look lovely in a nice ponti or merino
I cut out a straight 16 but should have probably graded it around the chest to a 14, best thing about this pattern is it looks good baggy too!! Win Win

More Pattern reviews and sewing I promise - my sewing machine has become a permanent fixture on the dining room table.

Pattern: Victory Patterns Lola PDF $12.89
Fabric: 2.5m Husky Plain Fleece $32 approx (lost receipt)
Thread $2.68
Total: $47.57


  1. That looks super cute! Thanks for the tip on lengthening the sleeves!

  2. Love your Lola! I'm wearing mine again today. For snaps find a tool called a Snap Setter - it has made such a difference, so much easier to do them.